Watercolor paint Brushes set 2pcs flat

Price: 5,40 €
SKU:  952203
Brand:  Pebeo
Unit:  pcs
Qty:  9
Special paint brushes made of pony hair that, with their high absorbency, are particularly well-suited to watercolour painting. Assortment of three different types (round, flat and heavy/filbert)
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Pébéo's watercolour brushes are 100% synthetic and offer a perfect alternative to Petit Gris brushes. They are soft and Flexible, offering perfect elasticity and good water and pigment retention. Ideal for watercolours, inks and thinned paints.
The entire range is designed for both professional artists and amateurs.
The short handle made of FSC® certified wood is generally intended for working seated close to the support, and offers good handling and comfort.

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