Translucent Liquid Sculpey – 59ml

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Ahjus kõvenev geel. • sobib polümeersavi kaunistamiseks, aga ka sideainena juba küpsetatud polümeersavi ja mitte-küpsetatud materjalide teineteise külge kinnitamiseks.
• Sobib kontuurimiseks ja tihendamiseks.
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A liquid polymer clay which can be used for a number of effects. Translucent Liquid Sculpey is semi transparent when baked, allowing light to pass through it. It is made from a mix of PVC resin and the same binder used for making polymer clay.

Liquid Sculpey can be used in a variety of ways. It can be tinted with pigments or acrylic paints to make a coloured grout for polymer clay tiles, combined with Jacquard Pearl Ex powders to make a metallic glaze, or used to increase the bond between unbaked polymer clay pieces. Adding artists’ oil paints will give Liquid Sculpey an enamel like finish which can be used as a glaze, while printed images can be transferred from paper with a thin layer of Liquid Sculpey.

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