Sidewalk Chalk Dough 10pc

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Simply mould the dough and give it the desired shape. Once dry, it becomes highly resistant and enabling you to play and draw with it on any rough surfaces.
You can also mix the dough for textures and new colours
Qty. (pcs):  
  • Natural gluten-free self-hardening mineral paste
  • Colours can be mixed together
  • Air-dry in about 24 hours depending on the thickness of the chalk (no baking)
  • Preserve in its pot tightly closed and preferably in the refrigerator once open.  It is advisable to use the paste within 12 months after opening.
  • For children of 3 years of age and older, under the supervision of an adult. Remove the packaging and remove all the small security features of the pots before offering them to the child.
  • CE marking attesting to the compliance with the requirements of the European Directive on the safety of toys

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