Porcelaine Paint P150 45ml/shimmer pink

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Kuumutamisel glasuuristuvad värvid portselanile, klaasile,metallile, keraamikale.
Värv kinnitada koduahjus 150 C juures 35min.
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Excellent lightfastness. Colours can be mixed together 

DRYING : tack free in a few minutes, fully dry in a minimum of 24 hours.
Baking all colours and auxiliary products in the range: 35 minutes at 150°C (300°F) in domestic oven, after minimum 24 hours drying.
For the markers: Allow to air dry 72h for decorative use with light washing and no soaking. 

SURFACES : Porcelain, earthenware, ceramic ...
THINNER : Porcelaine 150 thinner

CARING (decorated surfaces) : remarkable resistance to dishwashing and to normal detergents after baking
BRUSH CLEANING : Soapy water 

Product Usage : 

Porcelaine 150 can be applied to all heat-stable bases that are able to withstand a temperature of 150°C (300°F), such as porcelain, china, glazed earthenware, terracotta, metal, enameled sheet steel, copper and glass. The choice of base enables numerous effects to be produced and experiments to be made with the transparency and intensity of the colours. Porcelaine 150 makes professional enameling available to all, with a new generation of 46 colours, glazed by simply baking at 150°C (300°F) in any domestic oven. In bottle, tube and marker, which can be mixed together, deep and glossy, transparent or opaque, with a superb enameled appearance after baking. Many applications are possible with Porcelaine 150 : with brushes and also with sponge, stencil... 

The colours are applied directly to a perfectly degreased base with alcohol or soapy water. After observing the required drying time (minimum 24 hours), place the decorated object in a cold oven. When the temperature of the oven has reached 150°C , bake for 35 minutes. Colours have then a real enameled look and resist dishwashing. Only the areas not intended to be put in contact with food must be decorated.

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