Leather design varnish120ml

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Brand:  Cadence
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Veebaasil läikiv lakk nahale. Kaitseb nahka kraapimise eest, annab veekindla kaitse ja läike. Sobib kasutamiseks ka kunstnahal.
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Cadence Leather Varnish, with its elastic structure, is an upper segment protective and brightening varnish that does not crack or turn yellow over time, that you can use with all kinds of smooth leather, vinyl and artificial leather. You can easily use Cadence Leather Varnish with products such as coats, bags, belts, small leather-covered items, chairs, large bags, suitcases and upholstery leather fabric.
Cadence Leather Varnish not only increases the water resistance of the applied surface, but also prevents the color change and yellowing of the paint over time, and provides a lively and bright appearance. You can apply Cadence Leather Varnish with a brush, roller sponge, cut and use sponge, and when you are finished, you can clean the tool you use with soap and water. It does not contain any harmful substance to health.

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