Hybrid acrylic paint for Multisurface, 120ml/ Clover Green

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SKU:  H061
Brand:  Cadence
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Vee baasil akrüülvärv kõikidele pindadele. Sobib nii puidule, metallile, kangale, portselanile, keraamikale, plastikule, nahale jne.
Kasutamiseks nii sise- kui ka välistingimustes.
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Hybrid Multisurfaces

  • New generation waterbased craft paint with an advanced formula with excellent adhesion on all surfaces.
  • Can work on wood, metal, glass, terra cotta, ceramic, glass, paper, plastics, fabric with excellent coverage.
  • indoor & outdoor formula is moisture & rust resistant.
  • No need for primer or sealer.
  • Superior flow and leveling with durable hard finish.

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