Gel printing plate 12.7x17.78cm

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SKU:  GEL10810
Brand:  GEL Press
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Gel Press trükiplaadiga saate luua ainulaadseid printe kartongile, käsitööpaberile või kangale.
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Create unique block prints on cardstock, crafting paper or fabric with this Gel Press printing plate. Start by applying some paint onto the printing plate and then spread it out with a brayer or brush. Create patterns in the paint by using stencils, stamps, brushes, spatulas or a texture comb. Once you have achieved the desired result, place the paper or fabric onto the gel printing plate and press it down firmly, so that the paint adheres to the material. When you lift the paper or fabric off the printing plate, your artwork is done.

Create beautiful backgrounds for stationery, posters, labels and paintings, create your own design for pillowcases or tote bags or use the prints for scrapbooking, card making, art journaling, mixed media or bullet journaling. Let your creativity run wild with this printing technique and mix patterns and colours in multiple layers on the printing plate, or print different layers directly onto your material, one at a time. You can fit an entire A4 sheet on this 8.24 x 11.74" printing plate. After use, easily clean it with soap and water.

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