Decomarker 1.2 tip/ night blue

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SKU:  201420
Brand:  Pebeo
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Qty:  10
Markers containing an acrylic water and pigment-based paint. Water-based paint marker, fine round tip, vermilion color. The shade is a bright red verging on orange, with a matte finish. Lightfast color.
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Markers containing an acrylic water and pigment-based paint. It has a pump mechanism allowing more or less paint to flow to the nib, and therefore very good dosage when applied to the surface to be painted. There is a replacement tip in the lid in order to optimise the use of each decoMarker. BASE: water AIR-DRY (2): 10 to 30 minutes to the touch. Fully dry from 6-12 hours.
CLEANING: with soapy water before fully drying
SURFACES: paper, cardboard, papier-mâché, wood, metal, terracotta, plastic, canvas, ...
CARING (decorated objects): with a dry cloth. No soaking.
STORAGE: Horizontally once initiated, with the lid properly repositioned and clipped. 

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