Chalkboard Paint 250ml, imperial red

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Properties :

QUALITY: Acrylic colours for writing with chalk.
MIXABILITY: Colours can be mixed together.
DRYING: 4 hours
SURFACES: Furniture, frames and wall decor, wood, plaster, canvas, cardboard ... DILUTION: Water.

FINISH: Coloured effect. Very matt.
250 ml ≈ 1 m (2 coats)
WASHING OF DECORATED ITEMS: Wipe clean with water. APPLICATION TOOLS: Spalter brush, anti drip painting roll. CLEANING OF TOOLS: With soapy water.
NUMBER OF COLOURS: 11 colours.
PACKAGING: 250ml jar: all colours / 500 ml jar: Black STANDARDS: Meets CE

Product Usage :

Meets EC toy standard for child's safety. Chalkboard colours are ideal for children's rooms, allowing them to unleash their creativity and then simply remove it with a sponge.
Stir the colour into the jar, and then apply to a clean, dry, smooth surface (wall, wood, cardboard...). Apply 2 layers thick of chalkboard colour of your choice to four hours apart. Allow to dry thoroughly 72 hours before using a chalk.

For porous surfaces, first apply a suitable undercoat. 

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