Cernit push mould, D: 7 cm, bows

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Silikoonist painduv vorm, võib küpsetadada ahjus koos polümeersavidega (kuni 130c.)
Kasuta ka koos isekuivavate savidega.
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Can be used with different materials: Polymer clay Cernit, Darwi Classic, Darwi Terracotta, Darwi Beton, Darwi Roc, Darwi Kids, Darwi Extra Light.
The silicone moulds are very flexible, allowing easy release of your creations.
Can be baked in the oven with the Cernit polymer clay, so you do not deform your realisation.
For self-hardening clays: wait until fully dry before removing from the mould.
Non-food silicone.
Diameter: 7cm.

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