Ceramic Paint P150 45ml white

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SKU:  025010
Brand:  Pebeo
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Opaque colors for terracotta, ceramic and earthenware, Vibrant and luminous colors
Lacquered effect, Good lightfastness
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dust free 2 hours. 10 hours. The drying time may vary depending on the thickness of the layer deposited, the temperature and the humidity of the room where the product is applied.

For a shiny finish on a porous surface, first apply a pore-sealing undercoat.
Lacquer finish on plastic, wood, metal, glass, frame...
On rounded supports, do not overload your brush to avoid dripping.
Applied thickly, they can be combined with other materials such as sand or engraved with a stick.

Maintenance of decorated surfaces: after drying, the colors can be washed lightly by hand, without soaking. Resistant to glass cleaners. Objects decorated with Ceramic colors cannot be considered as utilitarian objects, but only decorative and only surfaces not intended to come into contact with food can be decorated.


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