Candle wick 8cm no.4/ 25pcs

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Waxed reinforced cotton wick, fitted on base, suitable for candles from 65 to 85 mm diameter. Regular flame, without smoke or smell.
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Product Usage :

Melt wax powder in a jam jar - in a double boiler. Grate a little dye, into the melted wax by scraping it with a knife until the desired colour is obtained. You can mix several shades, if desired. The colour tends to lighten as it dries, so make the colour slightly darker then desired. The more wax that is saturated the more dense the colour will be. Make a mold out of cardboard, in of the shape of your choice. Use a knife to split both ends of the mold in half. Place the wick into the center slots, leaving an overhang on both sides (3cm). Keep the wick straight and stretch it and secure it on the top. Strengthen the mold by wrapping packing tape around it. Then, pour melted wax into the mold. Wait until the wax sets and is completely dry. Once dry, open the mold to remove the candle. Trim any wax that has dripped over the sides. To remove any excess wax residue, cut off the edges with scissors.

Pro Tips: Candles
• You can make candles using different types of glass containers. To unmold, break the glass in a thick towel by tapping a sharp blow on the bottom or side. Remove the broken glass carefully.
• To make layered coloured candles, pour the first colour and allow the surface to dry, it should not stick to the finger, before pouring the next colour. Do not wait for it to dry completely between each colour, as the wax will shrink during drying and the wax may separate.
• The colour tends to lighten upon drying, do not hesitate to darken the colours slightly.
• The more wax powder is added the denser the colours. 

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