Acrylic marker set 12pcs

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Water-based, non-permanent acrylic marker with saturated colours and a firm felt tip. You can use it on stone, paper, canvas, glass, porcelain, plastic, wood, cardboard and metal. Washes off fingers easily.

With our creative marker, you can draw on almost any surface – and for children, it makes the perfect marker for creative activities. The marker is non-permanent, so it's easy to wash off the skin with a little soap and water. However, the paints are fairly water-resistant when dry, which is a huge advantage if you're painting on stones. The marker also has a fixed felt tip, which makes it easy to colour with. Important: Store lying down with the lid on – but if the tip does dry out, you can dot it on the paper until the ink flows back into the tip.

You can use the marker to decorate stones or paint pictures with layers of colours, for example. Remember that the colours need to dry. We therefore recommend that you train your patience by leaving the stones for 1–2 minutes before turning them over and painting on the other side

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