Acrylic Ink DecoCraft 45ml/ royal blue

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Veebaasil akrüültint. Säravad toonid, mis ei tuhmu ka värvi lahjendades. Hea valguskindlus. Värve võib omavahel segada.
QUALITY: pigmented acrylic inks, excellent fluidity, velvety. Good lightfastness. The colours can be mixed together.
DRYING: 1 to 2 hours depending on the thickness of the coat
SURFACES: paper, wood, cardboard, canvas, photographic prints, polyester films, acetate, embossing metal ...
DILUTION: water.
OPACITY: opaque colors when applied thickly.
FINISH: ultra matt or metal.
TOOLS: dropper, brush, sponge, stamp, brush, stencil, aqua-brush, airbrush, spray, foam roller, ...
CLEANING THE TOOLS: soapy water.
PACKAGING: 45 ml bottle with integrated dropper.
SCENT: Lavender
Applications: Shake well before use. Bright, even when diluted, decoCraft colours can be mixed with water according to the desired intensity. They can be used especially with deco aqua-brush or deco sprays. decoCraft ink is ideal for art journaling, art therapy and card making, but also for working on wood and canvas. In particular, it has a stain effect when applied in a thin coat on wood. Once dry, decoCraft can be worked in overlays. When applied thickly, it has an ultramatt velvet effect. decoCraft has an extreme matt patina on embossed metal. When applied to other dry colors, silver and gold colours lend a metallic coating. decoCraft lends a matt effect to the acetate side to which it is applied, enabling a matt side and a gloss side. decoCraft allows you to create paper backgrounds even on very dark paper. The new indispensable component for mixed media, decoCraft can also be worked with Pébéo Drawing Gum. 

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