Pearl Pen 28ml/ red

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Universaalne vee-baasil reljeefne värv tegemaks ümaraid pärleid kaartidele, tekstiilile, puidule, plastikule jne. Kanna otse tuubist pinnale, lase kuivada 24h. Kui kasutad kangal, siis pese enne kangas läbi. Dekoreeritud kangast pese 30c, ära kasuta pehmendajat.
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With the Perlen Pen you can make pearls from 2 to 8 mm. Water-based, solvent-free and alcohol-free. Apply directly from the tube on fabric, leather, footwear, bags, paper, cardboard, velvet, glass objects, etc. Fabric is washable up to 30 degrees Celsius.

Gorgeous ornaments from beads
Pearl-Pen is specially formulated to create beautiful ornaments of small and large pearls. Simply and easily by squeezing the pen you can create a wide range of different sized pearls. Drying time depending on the layer thickness, from 12 to 24 hours.
Pearl-Pen processing:
Apply the paint to the surface directly from the pen. It forms itself into a semi-pearl. Dry thoroughly. After full drying, iron from the reverse using light pressure. Make sure this is done on a soft subsurface, i.e. a towel. Iron at medium heat (position 2 max.). In addition we recommend placing baking or ironing paper between the semi pearl and the ply.

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