Lumocolor® permanent pen 313 set

Price: 12,90 €
Brand:  Staedtler
Unit:  pcs
Qty:  2
Kiirelt kuivavad permanentsed markerid, joon 0.4mm. Kirjutab enamikele pindadele.
Qty. (pcs):  
  • Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Pen Set
  • Contains 8pcs of 0.4mm Tip ink pens.
  • Universal pen writes on almost any surface.
  • Writes on photos, frames, proofs, transparencies, slides, glass, viny and more.
  • Smudge resistant and waterproof.
  • Long-lasting ink is neutral-smelling and dries in seconds.
  • Won’t dry out, even if left uncapped for days.

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