Gloss Gel - image transfer, 120ml

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Läikiv akrüülgeel. Sobib ka fotokoopia kandmiseks pinnale.
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Applications: 1- To make the colours bright: Mix with the desired color before application or apply thinly to the dry colour. 2- To work on reliefs: Work with a painting knife to create reliefs. 3- Can be used as a glue-varnish. 4- To transfer images: Apply a generous coat of gloss-image transfer gel with a brush on the image to transfer (black and white or colour photocopy). Also apply to the support that is to receive the image. Place the photocopy upside down (side covered with gloss-image transfer gel) on the surface to be decorated and let it dry for 24 hours or dry with a hair dryer for 10 minutes. Observe the drying time. Lightly moisten the retuned image with your finger and peel off the paper gently. Only the ink print remains on the surface. Remove all the paper.

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