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Quick casting resin set 500ml+500ml

kiirelt kuivav, elevandiluu tooni vaik. Pärast 15-20 min. toatemperatuuril kuivamist, on ese puutekuiv ja seda annab painutada.
Täielik kuivamine 2 tundi. Segada kokku osa A ja osa B võrdsetes kogustes.
SKU: 011790000500500
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29,40 €
  • One-to-one mix ratio, fast-curing, ivory colored, two-component polyurethane casting resin system.
  • Cast a homogeneous mixture of identical quantity to a flexible mold.
  • At room temperature, demold time is 15-20 minutes and the object is still flexible.
  • Two hours is complete drying time and the shape is hard, shiny, smooth, fine details.
  • By heating with blow dryer, make it flexible and use on curved surfaces.
  • Can be colored by pigment of paint.