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OIL auxiliaries

9,40 €
4,90 €
5,90 €
9,10 €
8,90 €
4,50 €
This oil comes from black poppyseeds and is particulary suitable for grinding light colours, It is more luminous than linseed oil and less siccative and does not yellow at all.
4,90 €
This thick opaque paste composed of polyurethane resin, aluminium silicate hydrate and beeswax, allows working in strong thicknesses and creating reliefs. It dries rapidly.
7,20 €
This siccative based on octate of cobalt and zirconium works above all on the surface, it favours fast and efficient strokes. It must be used only for fine coats. Before application it appears to be dark and must be used with care, excessive use will curl the colour.
4,80 €
Composed of acrylic resin and carthame oil, this medium makes the colour more fluid whithout thinning it whilst increasing its brilliance , transparency and depth. It is used progressively to obtein deep and luminous glazes. It dries by evaporation of the solvent and reinforces the adherance of layers. It is non-yellowing.
4,50 €
This siccative based on octate of zinconium and calcium works on surfaces and the depth. It acclerates drying and allow thick coats to harden evenly. It is colourless and will not alter light colours and is very efficent for blacks and lacquers,
4,90 €
Very limpid, easy to work with and particulary covering, this varnish composed of acrylic resin is very brilliant and has a stronger viscosity than Superfine varnish.
4,50 €
This brilliant, transparent medium gives exceptional possibilities. It is a semi paste made from a base of alkyd and acrylic resins. It dries by oxidation and practically never yellows.
6,90 €
An excellent diluant, Essence of Oil of Petrolium evaporates much faster than Turpentine and allows a longer working time with the paints. It also makes the colours more matt.
4,50 €
It is used to obtain a satin finish and stronger thickness than Dutch Medium. Semi paste, it retains the imprint of the stroke and gives a subtle satin glaze.
6,10 €
With a base of alkyd resins, acrylic and polyamid wax this medium stands out by having more body:it makes the colour more fluid without losing its liveliness. It has great brilliance and transparency and gives an exceptionally brilliant glaze.
4,90 €
3,20 €
6,20 €