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Marker Drawing gum 4mm

Drawing Gum, a peelable rubber solution for the creation of artwork using ink, watercolour or gouache, as well as varnishes and fixatives.
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o Thinner: Not recommended
o Cleaning the tools: With soapy water before drying
o Drying: from 1 to 15 minutes depending on the thickness deposited on the surface
o Remove after the film dries, no later than a week after application
o For children of 3 years of age and older, under the supervision of an adult.
o CE marking attesting to the compliance with the requirements of the European Directive on the safety of toys

Applications: Drawing Gum is a peelable solution used to keep areas of artwork free, for use with ink, watercolour, diluted gouache, ... It is used on paper, cardboard, Bristol board, acetate, wood, ... using a brush or pen on parts of the work to be masked. Apply colour when the drawing gum is dry. Once the colours are completely dry just rub the gum with your finger or with an eraser to reveal the masked parts. The Drawing Gum marker lets you use the product more easily, with a more precise application. It must be primed before initial use, then: - with the top on, shake the marker firmly to get the ball moving, - then, on a sheet of paper, press on the tip several times to soak it with paint. If residue forms on the tip, you can remove excess material with your finger. It must be stored horizontally with the cap closed, and can be kept for 12 months after it is first primed at moderate room temperature (15-25 °C). The marker is an all-in-one tool. This single solution replaces the drawing gum bottle, the paint brush and the water container. This tool is very practical due to its easy handling, its small size suitable for children's hands and its use, which only requires you to choose a surface. It is a mobile product that can be taken everywhere.